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Support the Cemetery Walk with a Donation!

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Since 1995, the Evergreen Cemetery Walk has come to play a pivotal role in bringing the community together and sharing the stories of local people from the past while emphasizing the historical significance of cemeteries. As we enter the 27th year of the Cemetery Walk, we are pleased to offer both an in-person Walk and a Virtual Walk.

To learn more about this year's Cemetery Walk and to purchase your own tickets to view the digital presentation, please click here .

Ticket sales only cover about 1/3 of Cemetery Walk program expenses. Please consider making an extra gift to support the Cemetery Walk to help provide free participation for our schools and senior care facilities, and to keep public tickets affordable.

As the Museum remains committed to continue its mission-driven work to educate the public about our local history and the importance of cemetery preservation, not only can any public, private, and home school group from anywhere participate for free, we are also continuing to invite older adults in area senior care facilities to view the Walk for free as well. We are thrilled that barriers such as geography and mobility have been eliminated by embracing a hybrid format for this year’s Walk, to include both in-person and virtual options for participation.

Thank you. Your support makes a difference!