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Our collection contains more than 20,000 objects donated from local residents of McLean County and beyond.

Over 25 years ago the Museum relocated to the Old Courthouse in Downtown Bloomington. Converting the building into a museum was challenging, but completed effectively to house the vast and growing collection of objects. Residing in a historical building still poses unique storage problems. Despite our best efforts, the building cooperates when it wants to and occasionally the result is a leaky pipe or drafty window that allows in water, pests, and dirt.

After 25 years, we need your help to improve our collection storage to ensure the collection is preserved for generations to come.

Several simple, but effective solutions can be implemented immediately to maintain the collection spaces. Doors can be sealed with door sweeps and windows can be sealed with new caulk. New window treatments will also include a protective plastic film and painted plywood covers to better insulate them.

Some extra precautions will also be taken including: using chemical safe Identi-pens for object numbers, covering existing shelves with plastic so that water may not drip onto objects, and hygrothermographs will be purchased to aid the HVAC and alert staff of any temperature and humidity fluctuations.

With your help raising $5,500 we can purchase the supplies necessary to implement the solutions above. After 25 years in the Old Courthouse, it is our generation's time to further improve our facility in order to maintain local history for many generations to come. Thank you!

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