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Help us save the Pantagraph negatives!

Since 1837, the Pantagraph has reported on some of the most riveting stories of McLean County. In 2012 the Stevenson-Ives Library and Archives, located in the McLean County Museum of History, was fortunate enough to receive around one million photographic negatives from the Pantagraph. Some were published in the newspaper, but many have never been seen by the public.

In 2018, the Museum was awarded the Illinois State Library Digital Imaging Grant. Our hope was to digitize the oldest 30,000 (dating back to the 1930s) that were in desperate need of preservation because they were quickly degrading. We have partnered with a company that specializes in digitization but need a little help finishing the first set of images.

These images can do so much to preserve and share local history in McLean County.

The digitized images will:

  • be searchable by the public through an online database
  • be used to create new exhibits
  • offer additional resource content for educational programs
  • aid in writing local historical publications
  • be invaluable to local history researchers for decades to come!

With your help to raise $16,000 the Museum can finish digitizing the first set of Pantagraph photos. Thank you for choosing to be a part of local history by investing in the library and archives efforts. You make a difference. Thank you!

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